hi im nina i like steak
MY OTP IN TUMBRL BROKE UP NOOO (I am so sorry that you and her are hurt now I hope you guys get better have a great day dear )
by Anonymous

thanks babyyy

Will u go out w me im 8
by Anonymous

Yeah that’s my ideal age tbh


we are the last generation whose baby photos weren’t taken on phones

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No matter how heartbreaken you are now, it will get better. 100%. I promise. You will be happy again soon
by Anonymous

I love you so much I love people like this like wow you didn’t even need credit for saying this you just decided to be a great human being you go beautiful thank you

i'm sad on the reg. but your blog is my spicy taco and alcoholic ice cream in one sitting.
by Anonymous

this is the best message I have ever received rock on superstar ily